Currently working as the Dean of the Technical and Vocational Institute at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria Egypt.

Conducting a research to combine my earlier experience of engine diagnosis using conventional sensors such as pressure and temperature sensors and exhaust gas analyzers as well as electronic sensors such as vibration and acoustic emission with my computer programming and electronics experience to develop mechatronic solutions for industry.

Many research projects has been conducted towards utilizing advanced analytical techniques to develop and improve energy utilization and fault diagnosis in many fields e.g Internal Combustion Engines, reciprocating machinery, renewable energy such as solar and wind energy, human energy and others.

On the other hand serious research is made to develop and to create localized technology towards producing a finished Egyptian product. This research is based on reverse engineering as well as self innovation and creativity to help achieving a national goal of having a local Egyptian technological product purely made in Egypt.  

Dr Mohamed Elghamry



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